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What Makes us Differnt?




We do not compete with other pet product distribution companies.

We think from the customers point of view and cherish the value of our clients.

We believe that interacting and listening to the needs of our customers are most important.



Regardless of high profit, if it is not good for our furry friends then we do not carry the product.



If the product is good for our pets we carry the product. Even if the margin is very low.

We do not care so much about how much of profit we can make,

we care about what is good for our furry friends.

What Makes us Differnt?




Testing Period

For all the products that we carry,

they go through testing period of at least one month

(at the kennel where Jun looks after many dogs).

Through this process, we are able to understand and figure out

the products well enough to provide the right information,

make advice / recommendation to our customers for each products.


We have the trust of the pet owners.

Pet owners strongly believe and know that all the products

that are carried by Aromnaom are GOOD quality products.

Build the Brand image



We have built the reputation among the pet owners

and pet industry related personals that Aromnaom only carries

proven good quality products that are good for pets.


Many New Brands approach us to build the Brand image through us.

When new Brand land in Korea, they first want their products to be sold on our site to build the reputation.

4 Star

Only sale dog food that received more than 4 star rating from Dog food advisor.


1:1 Customized



Reasonable Price

We are the only company who conduct

1:1 customized consulting service to provide the products

that will best suit the pet according to their health conditions.

When the product is beneficial and good for the pets, regardless of the low margin

we introduce the products to the pet owners.


Unia was bone in 2001 and lived with Puppy Walker until she turned one years old. After the training, she moved to Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of Seoul National University and became First Official Blood Donor Dog in Korea. April 12th 2007 Unia retired from Blood Donor Dog and became Jun’s oldest daughter.

Like Unia is individual brand of Aromnaom Company and was established to provide benefits to the dogs who dedicated their lives to help and assist other animals and people.

As first project of Like Unia, we asked one of our client to make all natural soy candles (made by hand) and sell the candles at Part of the profit of selling the candles are being used to support retired working dogs.

Our first benefiter is a dog named Dabit who worked as 911 rescue dog and now lives with a loving family at Samchuk in Korea .And there is Ma-Um-Ee, who lives in Jeju Island. He is guide dog for 1 class disable person. We support Dabit and Ma-Um-Ee with good quality dog food and supplements in hopes that Dabit and Ma-Um-Ee could live good quality life with their loving family for many more years to come. 

Dabit and Ma-Um-Ee

like UNIA
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