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Submit documents to clear quarantine and customs.

Complete the registration of the products and start the importing process.

Gather documents from the supplier and along with the test results from Lab in Korea submit for product registration.

Import sample quantity to send to the Lab in Korea for testing.


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To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Pet Releaf, I would like to thank Aromnaom Company for being a wonderful distribution partner in Korea. Jun and Jin have been absolute pleasures to do business with for the last 2 years. From the very beginning of our partnership, they have exceeded our expectations on all fronts.

Specifically, they took our brand, which was completely unknown in Korea at the time, and have established a solid revenue stream for us and them. They have respected our requirements to be marketed as a premier brand and have supported our growth and our reputation as the #1 trusted

hemp brand in the industry.

In a pure business sense, they have also been wonderful partners. Purchase orders are clear and precise, every single invoice is paid immediately, and minor issues (i.e customs delays, product damaged in shipping) that have arisen have been handled with grace and in a true spirit of partnership.

On an intangible level, Aromnaom and Pet Releaf share the same long term vision on business. Like us, they are focused on long term and sustainable financial success. Pet Releaf has been very selective when choosing each of our distribution partners and we are proud to say that Aromnaom meets all of our standards. As a company and from me personally, Pet Releaf is happy to recommend Aromnaom as a distribution partner in Korea.


Stephen Smith, President Pet Releaf

"We place great value on our relationship with Aromnaom. They are committed to representing our brand as well as delivering health-conscious, high quality products to their customers. We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.“

Bertha William

Vice-President, Marketing

“Aromnaom Company is a proud partner and exclusive dealer of Grandma Lucy’s in South Korea.  Our partnership is based on innovation, creativity, and passion.  Aromnaom and their management provide a solid foundation for distribution and sales in one of the largest markets for Grandma Lucy’s.   Their marketing approach is current and effective to the growing number of customers who are looking for high quality products.   We are delighted to work with such an forward-thinking and successful company.”

Sharla Marocchi

Office and Export Manager

“We have been working with Aromnaom since Aug 2016 and I am pleased to say that it has been a true pleasure to deal with them.  They are the exclusive distributor of NHV Natural Pet Products in South Korea.  I love their passion for pets; as a company, they want to provide the best products to their clients.  We have found Aromnaom to be extremely professional to deal with.  They are a great business partner! We look forward to continue working with them.”

Sincerely Patra De Silva

President NHV Natural Pet Products

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